• Love God and Mankind.
  • Increase faith and make disciples of Lord Jesus Christ
  • Fatherhood children and youth
  • Embrace unity amongst believers


  • We want to be a Church for the Tamil community.
  • We want to be a Church Impacting the Tamil community.
  • We want to be a Church that Cares for people.
  • We want to be the Kingdom Builders and send people to proclaim the Word of God.

Vision For 5 Years

  1. A Destination Church for Tamil People in Sydney.
  2. 500 Anointed Tamil Worshippers.
  3. 300 New Converts.
  4. English Church for 100 Youths & 100 Children in Sunday School.
  5. Significant Impact in the Tamil Community.
  6. Enjoys Excellent Rapport with Believers across Australia.
  7. 50 -100 Lay Preachers.

About us

The Australian Tamil Church is a full gospel charismatic Church birthed on 6th May 2012 by a small Tamil speaking Christian community living in Sydney to worship and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in Tamil and English believing in the 66 books of the Bible written and inspired by the Holy Spirit, under the New Testament Church Plural Eldership government. This plural eldership government consist of Pastors and Elders. This entity was registered with the NSW Fair Trading in the name of ATC Sydney Inc and with ASIC trading as Australian Tamil Church.

On 18th September 2015 the Church registered a second entity in the name of ATC Life Centre Ltd with ASIC as a public company, limited by guarantee for the principal purpose of advancement of Education and Community Welfare. The Board of Directors of this second entity are the very same members who serve in the Australian Tamil Church Executive Management Team.

The Church is blessed with Pastor Ranjan Ignatius, who is a dedicated and humble man of God, who was first called to full time ministry in 2004. Over that last 5 years, the Church has ordained two more Pastors and two Elders into the Church Ministry and had purchased an industrial building and converted it into a place of worship at Seven Hills. During this period over 80 people have walked through waters of baptism and over 250 people attend Sunday Services. Many worshippers have received healing and accepted Christ Jesus as their own personal Saviour through blessed spirit filled messages delivered powerfully and eloquently. During this period, the Church had established an Outreach Service in Homebush and conducts regularly an additional Sunday Services in Tamil. Praying and counselling for Church families, praying for people and Nations, praying for the elderly, needy and sickly people have been the hallmark of the spirit filled God fearing life of the Australian Tamil Church.

What we believe

  • 1. We believe in one God, Creator of all things, including Man in His image, eternally existing in three persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and that these three are co-eternal and equal divinity and power.
  • 2. We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, His virgin birth, His substitutionary death on the Cross as atonement for the sins of mankind, His bodily resurrection and His ascension to the right hand of the Father.
  • 3. We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins and that all who believe in Him are declared righteous because of His sacrificial death and are, therefore, in right relationship with God.
  • 4. We believe in the divine inspiration, authority and inerrancy of Holy Scripture. The work and personality of the Holy Spirit, indwelling every believer and thus enabling and empowering the life and ministry of the believer.
  • 5. We believe in waters of baptism and baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • 6. We believe in the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the bodily resurrection of everyone who has lived, the life everlasting of believers who have right relationship with God.

Our Sunday Church Services

  • Sunday Services are conducted in Tamil at 9.30 am, Children Church at 9.30 am and English Service at 11.30am at 12 Abbott Road, Seven Hills, NSW 2147 in the main auditorium. Every Sunday at Homebush Uniting Church premises, which is located at the corner of Burlington Road and Meredith Street, Homebush, NSW 2145, a Tamil Service is conducted at 9.00 am.
  • Plenty of Car parking spaces are available within the 12 Abbott Road Seven Hills, NSW 2147 complex. Our friendly team of dedicated Ushers and Car parking attendants are at the auditorium entrance and complex entrance to receive, greet and direct our worshippers into our Sunday services.


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  • 12, Abbott Road Seven Hills,
  • NSW,
  • Australia.
  • 2147
  • +61 424 072 015

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